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Please, take a look at

I edited the coastal-line in order to extend some areas and correct some positions. Hoever, as you can see, the coastal-line is sometime drawn inside land, some times on the water... but what intended to be a correction has produced some ugly output.

  1. What did I do wrong in order to avoid making this errors again?
  2. How can I fix this issue?

Thank you, and sorry for this....

asked 12 Nov '10, 00:39

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See this previous question: Why do the changes I have made to coastline not appear on the map? And also this page on the wiki Coastline

Basically, coastlines on Mapnik (the default map on are not updated as often as most other changes. The coastlines on Mapnik are usually only updates every few weeks. But most other changes appear on Mapnik within a few minutes or hours, so that's why the coast doesn't currently match up with the border (purple dashed line), or the beach etc.

So I don't think you have made any errors, just wait a while till Mapnik updates the coastline, and it will look correct. You can also try viewing another map, eg Osmarender, it usually shows updates to the coastline within a few hours. To view it, click on the blue "+" symbol in the top right of the map, and pick Osmarender.

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answered 12 Nov '10, 01:39

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