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I have just edited a map slightly (a route marked as a road that I tried to use and turned out to be a barely navigable stone track) in Bulgaria. How long before these changes are reflected on the OSM layer of bikeroute toaster do you think?

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asked 17 Aug '12, 18:57

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Bike Route Toaster uses OSM data in several different ways, so it depends on just what "OSM layer" you are referring to.

If you choose the option for the "Street" map, then that is using the standard map from This usually shows changes within a few minutes or hours, though can sometimes take longer. Its also possible you are looking at a cached version of the tiles, a Shift+Refresh might help. Also see this previous question: How often does the main (mapnik) map get updated?

If you choose the "Cycle" map, then that is the map from This can take a bit longer to update, sometimes a few days, though it currently seems to be a couple of weeks behind in places. And it may vary depending on the zoom level, and how many people have looked at a place previously. See When does a change get updated on the OpenCycleMap?

If you use the OSM option for autorouting on Bike Route Toaster, then that uses the Cloudmade routing service. This is separate from both of the previous maps, so is updated separately. I'm not sure how often this is updated, though it sometimes seems to be weeks or months out of date.

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answered 17 Aug '12, 19:45

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very many thanks. I was anxious that my edit should appear, as the "road" was not a road but a very poor track that disappeared. I feel it was important for my edit to show as if it is used as a road, life may be endangered.

(18 Aug '12, 16:25) wyadvd

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