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In germany a lot of premium hiking trails are equipped with benches made of wood where you can lay down for a rest like on a couch, e.g. see this picture of such a bench in black forest.

Is there already a proposal how to tag such a bench? If not, what is the best way to come to an agreement how to tag these kind of benches?

I would propose the following tags: amenity=bench and material=wood and (shape=couch or couch=yes).

asked 17 Aug '12, 17:08

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I'd certainly use amenity=bench. Taginfo shows the other tags people have used with benches. You can use any tags you like, so if you think it's important to capture some information about benches that no-one else does, you are free to do so.

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answered 17 Aug '12, 17:45

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...but honestly, before doing so you should ask yourself : Is that bit of information usefull ? Would you or somebody else actually use that data ? What for ? How ?

I still fail to see the point of adding any other tag beyond amenity=bench (except perhaps name=*). But it seems to be a popular pastime, so maybe I'm missing out.

(18 Aug '12, 23:59) Vincent de P... ♦

@Vincent de Phily: At least one use case is 3D rendering - I personally parse backrest, material and direction tags for a somewhat plausible rendering of a bench. With certain public squares and parks that would otherwise just be a green/grey surface, benches boost the realism and recognizability.

Whether that qualifies as "useful" ... well, I guess most people will assign a higher priority to other types of data. But since mmehl's area appears very well mapped down to individual buildings and addresses, I think it's perfectly acceptable for him to map a few benches now. :)

(19 Aug '12, 02:04) Tordanik

Benches increase in importance with age and tiredness and wetness of the ground.As far as I know benches don't seem to get rendered but they can be found in the nominatim so I will start mapping them again.

(19 Aug '12, 08:51) andy mackey

There are several maps rendering benches, especially those made for hiking like the Hike & Bike Map and Wander- und Reitkarte

(19 Aug '12, 10:44) scai ♦

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