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I'm trying to figure out why some streets in Bairnsdale Victoria Australia are going missing. They seems to have been corrupted somewhat. All I can see of remanents is grey dots. I look at the data on those dots and they have nothing there. Also looked at Carpenters Rocks in S.A. Australia and same thing is occurring.

asked 17 Aug '12, 07:42

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I think it is a consequence of the data redaction for switching to the new license. But, I don't understand what are the grey dots you're talking about. With which tool do you see them? It will be better to give us a permalink to the concerned area.

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answered 17 Aug '12, 08:42

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Not in the southeast, but on the other side of the country:

The road was redacted and has been re-added by a WA mapper, but the "grey dots" are still present. I'm guessing that they were added by licence accepters pre-redaction. The "new" line of the road in this case appears to be a better match for GPS traces and (Bing) imagery than the old.

(17 Aug '12, 08:58) SomeoneElse ♦

Ok, these orphans points are typically the rest of the redaction process. If this pointed case, the way has been already remapped, so you can delete these useless points.

(17 Aug '12, 09:05) NicolasDumoulin

Thanks Nicolas,

So I'm guessing it is then safe for me to plot those back in using normal osm tool on the website and then deleting the grey dots which have no data associated to them? Good to know it was not someone maliciously deleting things. Is there an article about this 'data redaction' which has occured?

(18 Aug '12, 00:39) angyork

i found the link to the article. thanks

(18 Aug '12, 00:47) angyork

If you got the answer, you can close your question. Thanks :-)

(20 Aug '12, 10:43) NicolasDumoulin

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