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After a walk through the countryside I checked to see if all the paths and tracks I had used were mapped. They were, but one node had been moved and an untagged zig-zag possibly a signature drawn in. It was created in this changeset 175953075 I deleted it. Was this the correct action.

asked 16 Aug '12, 20:29

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andy mackey
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The changeset with the number you give doesn't seem to exist so far. (At the moment, changesets have 8 digits starting around 128800)

(30 Aug '12, 17:33) malenki

Sorry I can't check the number. SomeoneElse managed to find the "doodle" but I do not know how, I left the second piece of what I consider Graffiti in place for about two weeks so others could see it. But as one node of the second piece was a bogus Hospital I thought it best to delete it and the two untagged ways.

(30 Aug '12, 18:53) andy mackey

Following some detective work (for me at least) in history in the days just prior to my edit the two changesets are 12721810 and 127221235 . I am not sure what the incorrect number I used was.may have been way number.

(30 Aug '12, 19:28) andy mackey

In a case like this (they've only been editing a day or so) I'd normally send them a friendly "welcome" message including a note that says "something appears to have gone wrong".

From looking at the deleted way in Potlatch 1, it just looks like a doodle, presumably "can I really make something appear on the map myself?". If they're local to the area, and could be persuaded to do some real on-the-ground mapping a bit further north, they'd fill in a nice gap...

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answered 16 Aug '12, 21:56

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SomeoneElse ♦
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Thanks I have sent him a diplomatic email.

(16 Aug '12, 23:11) andy mackey

Hard to say because I can't see what the graffiti looked like. The best thing to do is ask the user who did it, instead of asking us - but if it's something not based in fact then you were probably right in deleting it.

I have encountered users who put in funny marks on the map as a reminder to themselves that something still needs to be finished or so.

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answered 16 Aug '12, 20:39

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Frederik Ramm ♦
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Thanks Frederik I found a bit more of his work,you can see it in edit mode here

(16 Aug '12, 20:56) andy mackey

Some people also have problems with their mouse. They grab and drag something by accident, or they want to do other actions (like selecting) and by accident move some nodes

(18 Aug '12, 10:54) Sanderd17

I have been guilty of placing a node in error. But this guy was doing deliberate stuff he saved it after editing in two separate areas. I deleted the first piece of "work" an obvious doodle I then found his second bit, see link. where he put an Hospital and a Tower in a field and two untagged ways as you can see, they are not accidents in my opinion.

(18 Aug '12, 21:02) andy mackey

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