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I just added my restaurant, "Teddy's RingelSpiel," Alserbachstr. 1, 1090 Vienna. I can find it on the maps too. But only marked with an arrow. But I would like the additional symbol for restaurants (fork and knife)and the name "Tedddy's RingelSpiel" too. Where do these come from? How can I get them?

Thanks you for your help.


asked 16 Aug '12, 08:48

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Those icons are added automatically when the tag amenity=restaurant is set. But sometimes, you have to wait a few minutes to see it appearing on the map (it takes some time to make the new images). Also, if there is not enough place to display the icons, the renderer will choose at random which one will be displayed.

Now, there is something else wrong with your data. There are three nodes:

One just with the restaurant tag, another one with the address tag and a third one with the tags combined. To not confuse any tools, I have merged them (so you will see two of them are deleted and one has all tags).

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answered 16 Aug '12, 09:30

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Dear Sanderd17!

Thanks four your efforts. But as far as I can see, nothing has changed so far: If you look at the map, you will see "Blue Orange" with a cup symbol; this is my neighbour, also located in "Alserbachstra├če 1". He is on the corner, I am left side of him. This is why I tried to move the error a little bit downwards to avoid a conflict on map space. But seemed not to help. Really would like to have written "Teddy's RingelSpiel" with the folk & knife. Do you have any other suggestions? Should I move the location further downwards?

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards, Teddy

(16 Aug '12, 11:22) Teddy

"error" should read "arrow"

(16 Aug '12, 11:36) Teddy

You should map it on the real place, and not move it to avoid collision.

I do understand why you want your place on the map, but is mainly visited by mappers, so you can't make a lot of publicity with it.

On the other hand, the data is used for other sites. See f.e. Skobbler maps:

Or different smartphone apps such as OsmAnd. Your restaurant will probably be rendered there.

If your data is on the map, it will be found by different tools.

(16 Aug '12, 12:01) Sanderd17

Btw, while you're busy, you can also add contact data such as your website or phone number. There are apps that provide the functionality of viewing your website immediately when clicking on your icon, or calling you from your phone number in OSM data.

And if you want to have the map on your own website, you can add your own custom items with different javascript libraries. Ask for it if you want more info.

(16 Aug '12, 12:08) Sanderd17

Thanks, again, Sanderd17!

Okay, so I will wait and see what happens (or not). The main reason for trying was that I see half a dozen of restaurants nearby on google.maps, places etc. which do not exist anymore for 5 and more years. Mine is not listet, allthough I filled out th forms 1 year ago completely :-). Google claims to have a special algorithm which decides if one is listet or not; cant really imagine. So I still wonder, where the entries on Google, on my trip advisor, my sygic and so on REALLY come from ...

Best Regards, Teddy

(16 Aug '12, 13:40) Teddy

Google has nothing to do with us. I believe they scrape the web. They index all webpages, and if they see something that looks like an address, they find the right location for it and add other info from the site.

I've seen that even the most popular pubs without website do not appear on Google, but some web developer who made a few websites and also has his own website is added. While only very few people need a web designer.

(16 Aug '12, 14:26) Sanderd17
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