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How should I tag the building or booth where one pays to enter for example a park? Often these buildings are combined with a gift shop and/or cafe (which both have clear tags), but I cannot seem to be able to find what tag to use for the actual place where entrance tickets are being sold.

There is a shop=ticket tag, but it's description ("A ticket shop or box office. Sells tickets for concerts, events, public transport, ...") seems to be for general ticket shops that sell all kinds of tickets. Should I use this tag, or is there a better one?

asked 15 Aug '12, 23:53

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Hi, follow your own suggestion and ad the specific use and ad value and tag, as building - ticket_office. Or just leave it out since the ticket box will be near the park that will do the explaination.

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answered 16 Aug '12, 00:29

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I think shop=ticket is good. If you want to specify, you can add something like ticket=Disneyworld. Also, chose the name to be something descriptive. Something like name="Ticket shop Disneyworld".

That way, if people see the feature on the map, or search for it, it will be clear where they can get the tickets.

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answered 16 Aug '12, 07:19

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The name part sounds like tagging for the renderer to me, that is adding a tag just so it appears on the map rather than what is actually there. If the ticket booth actually says "Ticket shop Disneyworld" then the name tag is more justified. If you want the ticket booth to render either request a render change from your favourite tile provider or render your own map to show it. This would be especially good for a Disney site or zoo etc with lots of specialist facilities.

(16 Aug '12, 17:36) ChrisH

It's not tagging for the renderer. It's tagging to be usable by tools. No matter which renderer or which search engine.

Tagging for the renderer is replacing one tag by another because the first is not rendered.

Btw, the name tag has to contain a value the people use to refer to it (if it isn't something official), in that view, "ticket shop Disneyworld", or something similar, is a very good name.

(16 Aug '12, 17:41) Sanderd17

By your own definition that is tagging for the renderer. Because the tag description= is not rendered, you want to put a description in the tag name=

(16 Aug '12, 18:45) cartinus

And what would the name of the building be?

(16 Aug '12, 18:50) Sanderd17

Not every building has a name.

(16 Aug '12, 18:54) scai ♦

What's a shop without a name? You don't see that a lot.

But I guess it's up to the editor.

(16 Aug '12, 18:55) Sanderd17

The name could be "Tickets" or would that be too obvious? ;-)

(16 Aug '12, 20:51) pbb

or "Tickets Bluff City Show". Oh well, it's up to the mapper.

(16 Aug '12, 20:59) Sanderd17

If you dream up names for stuff that actually doesn't have a name, then don't be amazed when another mapper removes them.

(16 Aug '12, 21:33) cartinus
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