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during my summer vacation I stayed for a while in an absolutely delightful area - three major roads enclosing an area of roughly six square kilometres, which, according to all the map versions my tracking software can display, was filled with just three secondary roads, when in fact it was crammed with residential estates, sports pitches, a golf course, a park with foot paths,..., most of which I could map during my stay there.

Just now I looked at the various displays on my device and found that Mapnik shows all the new features I entered, whereas the others all still look exactly the way they did when I arrived in that area.

So - how/when/how often do the various renderers exchange data?

When I started, all looked exactly the same, except for their different styles.



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  1. They render different objects. Mapnik wants to be a general map, so renders everything that isn't too obstructive for the view (basically, everything but routes). Other maps try to offer a cleaner map.
  2. They are rendered at different times. It has no purpose of rendering a tile when nobody looks at it. So if you constantly look at the Mapnik style, that one will be rendered again a lot if times, while the other styles won't be rendered again (until you look at it).
  3. The renderers are hosted by different servers. Mapnik comes directly from OSM servers, Mapquest comes from Mapquest servers, and I believe that other map styles come from other servers. Some servers are just faster than others.

The renderers don't exchange data, but get it from the same source (the OSM database). So they could be equally fast.

A famous OSM guideline is "don't tag for the renderer". The renderer is great to see if you've done something wrong (like a typo in a tag), but if one renderer has it right, the data is probably good, so you shouldn't worry about the other renderers. They will follow.

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Note in particular that a lot of the "third party" styles are currently being updated slowly, or even not at all, due to the licence change redaction process.

(15 Aug '12, 17:13) Richard ♦

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