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Basically I'm running into cases where the building has an established name (usually because it's an historic building), but is currently occupied by an amenity which bears a different name.

The specific case I ran into is the American Security and Trust Company Building, currently occupied by a Bank of America branch. It's slightly less an issue where, like here, both names are "related" (BoA is the ultimate successor of American Security and Trust), but what of the New York Savings Bank building, currently occupied by a CVS pharmacy (and previously by a Balducci's supermarket)?

I disapprove of the building-node separation currently in place, but none of the current tagging schemes for multiple names work: clearly the names here refer to different thing (the structure's name, and the amenity/tenant's name), not variant names for one of the two things. It is also clearly not an addr:housename, because it is not used for addressing.

I know very well about the "no tagging for the renderer" mantra, but either way this results in unsatisfying tagging (if only because the more lasting feature, the building, gets tagged with the least lasting). Anybody got suggestions?

asked 14 Aug '12, 16:48

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My first thought would be to separate between node and contour. As the new amenity or shop in that building probably doesn't use the entire building, that split up would make sense.

Otherwise, you could split between name and operator (the Bank of America is operating the American Security and Trust company building).

Or use name for the current name, and old_name for the name it used to have, but is still visible on the building.

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answered 14 Aug '12, 17:28

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Node/contour doesn't work in these cases (if it did I'd do that: I use it for malls, for example). old_name doesn't work. The building hasn't changed name, only its occupier changed (and fairly recently too). Operator is pretty close though! I'm not editing right now but I'll consider that option.

(14 Aug '12, 17:33) Circeus

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