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I have entered most of the hiking trail in the Dolly Sods Wilderness Area, URL= and I would like to group the trails and the wilderness area boundary with a common relation, similar to the way segments of the Appalachian Trail are grouped under state wide routes. I am not sure that the regional route designation is appropriate because the trail form a network and not a long route.

Before I create a new relation is there a means to search for existing relations in an area?

Are there standards for relations that group elements of a nature preserve?

asked 14 Aug '12, 15:19

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gives you all relations in this area. These are only county boundaries, so you need to make your own relation.

The next thing is think whether it is a geographical unit or not. If it is, it can be named. As it is a network, the relation should get [type=network] and [network="some name"]. But in general I think, it is just fine to leave it as ways - because they are grouped by the mere fact that they are in this area and don't need a relation for that purpose.

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answered 14 Aug '12, 15:55

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Roland Olbricht
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Thank you for the link to That answers the question of searches.

(14 Aug '12, 16:06) johntrudy

Hi Like you stated use the Apalachian trail tags methode. The regional trails can be joined by using multipolygones. By selecting the right numbers thy become connected. Search for similar situations in other national parks with hiking facilyties, like Yellowstone Keep mapping, Hendrik

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answered 14 Aug '12, 15:46

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