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Hello, I've imported the osm file of USA from CloudMade. I've noticed that neither my server nor return the house number in the xml/json answer you get from a reverse geocoding interogation. I've tried with zoom=18 but with no success. Is there any way to get the house number in USA with reverse geocoding? Is there a problem with my import? I've also imported TIGER Edges as I saw in the link below but it didn't help. Thank you!

asked 14 Aug '12, 14:13

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Your import is ok. Nominatim currently uses the TIGER house number data for geocoding only. Reverse geocoding returns only house numbers that are mapped in OSM.

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answered 18 Aug '12, 08:08

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So, is there no way to get house numbers on reverse geocoding?

(20 Aug '12, 10:29) silviu_

It should be possible to add extra sql to search for tiger house numbers in addition to osm house numbers. You'd need to add code to search location_property_tiger around here . It would require an extra geometry index on the centroid field but it should be possible. If you'd like to write this an submit a patch it would be great.

(20 Aug '12, 13:34) twain

Thanks for your answer. Could you please elaborate on the extra geometry index on the centroid field which I should add? I'm thinking I should a line of this sort $sSQL = "select place_id from location_property_tiger where parent_place_id in (".$sPlaceIDs.") and housenumber = '".pg_escape_string($aSearch['sHouseNumber'])."'"; which I took from the search.php source code. Thank you!

(21 Aug '12, 12:23) silviu_

You can do it that way round instead, although you will still need to at least order by distance. I was assuming you would do a goemetry search using st_dwithin(point, centroid) on the location_property_tiger table where the search distance was a small distance.

(21 Aug '12, 13:40) twain

I've been looking over the code and from what I understand, this line is responsible for retrieving details about the address: $aAddress = getAddressDetails($oDB, $sLanguagePrefArraySQL, $iPlaceID, $aPlace['country_code']); (line 151 in reverse.php) acording to the place id. It returns a map of some sort in which the house_number should be (key-value) if it is available. I tried to hardcode the house number inside $aPlace, before the call of the function above, to see if it appears as a result in my query, but it does not. Do you have any idea where can I find the implementation of the getAddressDetails?

(22 Aug '12, 15:41) silviu_

The comment section is really not a good place to discuss implementation details. Please, bring your issue to the geocoding mailinglist which is much better suited for these kind of questions.

(23 Aug '12, 07:25) lonvia
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