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hi all.

I want to take OSM layers and want to add some attributes from my layers to the OSM layers. After this i want to utilize OSM layers for geocoding and routing.

Now question: Is there any possibility that i can legally protect my attributes in OSM layers?

Thanks in advance.

asked 14 Aug '12, 14:09

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For the current license (CC-BY-SA), everything you create from OSMM data has to be free. That means that people may use your created routes and your geocoded points to create other maps. In this respect, you cannot protect your own data. But nobody can use your data as long as it isn't combined with OSM data for a special case.

For the coming license (ODBL), you have to free every database you join with OSM data. That means if you merge two databases, they will both be under ODBL automatically (without even providing access to it). If you can achieve your geocoding and routing without merging the databases┬╣, than the data can stay proprietary.

┬╣ Without merging means it has to be clear what part is generated from what database. And the parts generated from OSM data need attribution. If one object is created from two databases, and it's unclear which database contributed to which part of the object, than the databases are seen as "merged".

Whas this your question?

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answered 15 Aug '12, 15:29

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Yes i was looking exactly same info. Thanks a lot.

(15 Aug '12, 15:39) iRfAn

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