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Given that licence redaction is currently underway (or complete?) and that it will result in a number of roads and features disappearing from the map, are there any tools that I can use to see where I might need to do some remapping?

I noticed a road had gone from my home town of Brighton, UK which I take an interest in maintaining and am happy to remap....but it is hard to know where.

asked 13 Aug '12, 10:57

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Jez Nicholson
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OSM Inspector has a "redaction bot" view that shows objects deleted or changed by the redaction bot. Brighton seems to have been relatively unaffected:

If you click on a red object on the map you can see its details in the upper right half of the screen. Once the red object has been remapped (or if it is considere a "false alarm"), you can "bin" it using the waste bin icon until there's no more red stuff left.

Detail information shown for deleted objects is from the old, CC-BY-SA based database and must not be used to add data to OpenStreetMap.

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answered 13 Aug '12, 11:17

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Frederik Ramm ♦
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By "remapped" do you mean manually? Is there no way to take ownership of, so to speak, and "unredact" redacted ways?

I know people spoke extensively about the effort that had been made to get contributors to accept the new license, but when all is said and done, there are obscene amounts of disappeared and corrupted data in my area that, to be perfectly frank, I don't feel like dealing with. Your answer may be "so don't", but I was wondering if there is a more practical approach.

(01 Oct '12, 23:14) ponzu

No, you'll need to remap it manually, as if the redacted data had never existed.

(02 Oct '12, 00:56) SomeoneElse ♦

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