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Hello everybody, I don't get the function. I have registered to OSM. I was directed here from Wikipedia. I've got a direct link: But when I klick, I can see nothing. Whats wrong? My intent is to get a map file for the Donauradweg from Passau to Wien.

I want to import the file into a smartphone app or navigational tools, so I will probably need a GPX or KML file.

Would anybody mind giving me some basics or in the best a solution for my issue? Thanks in forehand, Thomas

asked 13 Aug '12, 10:55

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Frederik Ramm ♦

To obtain a GPX:

Please start JOSM. Choose there "File > Open Adress ..." and enter into the address textline;>>;);out+meta;

This downloads all the objects that belong to relation 103398. Now you can view the relation. To get a GPX, go to "File > Save As ..." and choose there as file type GPX.

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answered 13 Aug '12, 12:33

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Roland Olbricht
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To visualise it, try having a look at "DCP" on Lonvia's cycle map here. When you say you want a "map file" what format do you want it in?

The link that you were given was a "show a relation on a large map" one and doesn't seem to be working for that relation, possibly because it consists only of smaller relations.

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answered 13 Aug '12, 11:20

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The reason you don't understand how it works is that you are not using it in the "normal" way. OSM doesn't have an interface for downloading and exporting individual objects like this; you will need third-party software to do the export for you. One possible solution might be

although this might not work with the kind of cascading relation you have here.

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answered 13 Aug '12, 11:42

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Frederik Ramm ♦
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Hi Frederik, just to understand you right. There would be no way to get a navigational route out of OSM which I can use vor navigation my bicycle? Okay, I will do this route in August. What will it need to record my route and share it on OSM? Thanks in forehand, Thomas

(13 Aug '12, 12:10) toohoo

The route itself is in OSM, but OSM does not offer an interface where you can download it directly into your device. There are several navigation applications based on OSM and you can also load OSM data into a Garmin device; in each case, the way you are interested in will very likely be present in the data. It's just that OpenStreetMap does not have a web interface where you can say "please download this one cycle route into my device". - Try which is made specifically for sharing cycle routes.

(13 Aug '12, 12:23) Frederik Ramm ♦

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