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Hello, I am trying to find all the supermarkets in a city (more specifically I am interested in what areas of the city have a supermarket close by and what don't).

Openstreetmap has a tag for supermarkets, problem is, to see this tag on the map, you have be very close to the map (zoomed in almost to the max). At such a zoom level it's impossible to find anything in a big city and, more importanly, it's impossible to see how each tagged supermarket relates to another.

I tried to use the search Sure thing, it finds supermarkets for me. But searching does not solve the aforementioned problems: Search results are not highlighted in any way (highlight checkbox just draws one BIG ellipse). You have to zoom in to see a supermaket, and then you lose sight of the bigger picture completely. Ironically, clicking on an individual search result does not zoom you close enough. On the one hand I get jolted to a random area on the map and lose my bearings completely, on the other hand I still need to click "zoom" one more time to actually see the object.

Another problem is that when I click on "Search for more results" I get several new objects, but lose all the old ones. It's not that there are a lot of supermarkets, I am not asking for a lot of data, but there are definitely more than ten.

Finally there is a viewbox parameter in the search and I very much would like to provide it, but I see no way to mark a rectangle on the map.

So, is there some way to solve my problems?

asked 12 Aug '12, 15:39

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I still think it would be really great if it was possible to see the results directly on the map, like if you search for libraries in Copenhagen:øbenhavn

To avoid over-loading the server, a link could be shown next to the search result with the text "Show results on map", and not done by default. Also, there could be a limit on number of entities on the map, for example 50.

(21 Oct '19, 16:44) ragit

A convenient way is to use a currently alpha version of a website for smartphones, locate_me. I'm sorry it is currently available in German only. Once you have accepted the Geolocation, zoom out "[-]" and pan the map to find your desired region. Choose then "POI > Einkaufen > Lebensmittel" to get the supermarkets as blue circles.

You can also use the core service of Overpass API, but you need to know the latitude and longitude of your target. The link[shop=supermarket](50.6,7.0,50.8,7.3);>;node[shop=supermarket](50.6,7.0,50.8,7.3););out skel;&target=openlayers

shows the supermarkets around Bonn, between 50.6 degree North and 50.8 degree North, 7.0 degree East and 7.3 degree East. Please adapt the coordinates to your need or tell in a comment for which region you want to see the supermarktes.

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answered 13 Aug '12, 08:49

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Roland Olbricht
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This solves my problem, thank you.

(13 Aug '12, 15:55) Fhoenix

Quick correction, Lebensmittel shows not only supermarkets, but convenience stores as well. Direct link to the API works as intended.

(13 Aug '12, 16:08) Fhoenix

Overpass Turbo can highlight POIs on the map, and toggle between map results and raw data. Here's the search for shop=supermarket:

alt text

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answered 12 May '14, 02:53

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Nominatim is mainly an address search engine and not directly meant for highlighting POIs, this is just a side effect to give more detail in how the search results were obtained.

If you want to search and highlighting specific POIs you can use OpenStreetBrowser, OSM POI Viewer or another tool from the list of OSM based services instead.

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answered 12 Aug '12, 18:50

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scai ♦
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It can search, but can't show the search results properly? That's a shame. Returns the results from Nominatim but, again, does not highlight them (Clicking on them also gives you an error. Or zooms on one and clears the search. It depends).

OSM POI View just does work, at least not in Firefox (some areas of the map do not load, interface elements overlap with each other, searching fails)

The list of tools is usefull for general research, but does not solve my particular problem.

(13 Aug '12, 15:50) Fhoenix

@Fhoenix Some of the search results from your link work by zooming to the correct position and drawing a black dot on top of the object, some lead to a error message "object has no geometric representation". OSM POI Viewer indeed seems broken in at least Firefox and Opera :/

(13 Aug '12, 18:09) scai ♦

Additionnaly to the given tools, you can try my xapiviewer. I was looking for such a tool for the same reason that you, so I've done it.

Hope it helps!

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answered 14 Aug '12, 09:43

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Nice tool! Problem is, I see pink tiles replacing the map tiles.

(12 May '14, 02:50) dandv

Thanks for the report dandv, a base layer had a problem. Fixed now.

(12 May '14, 08:02) NicolasDumoulin

Try the POI map of

you can chose any category of POis and they will be displayed ... but you will not get a list of them

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answered 13 Aug '12, 16:57

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There is a new website called MAPCAT that uses vector maps based on OSM and allows to show POI search results directly on the map in real time - just go to the website, zoom your map to your desired location and enter "restaurant" or "campsite" into search box in the top left corner of the page and the results will appear on the map immediately. Nice, isn't it?

You asked for supermarket, which seems to use shop=supermarket - I don't know if MapCat can do this, but at least it can do "shop" only.

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answered 01 Aug '17, 11:12

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