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There are 2 industrial plants on both sides of a river. The metallic bridge, which is not a road/path, is used to join the industrial plants with electric/gaz/feedstocks lines.

Here is the bridge thanks to Google View

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asked 11 Aug '12, 13:14

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Im wondering, isnt there even a possible inspection route over the srtucture ? I would expect it to be.

(11 Aug '12, 21:50) Hendrikklaas

Tag it with man_made=pipeline + bridge=yes + layer=1 . If you know the contents of pipe, then add type tag also (for example type=oil).

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answered 11 Aug '12, 13:52

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That what I did but it is not rendered by Mapnik(, yet). See related ticket at https://trac.openstreetmap.org/ticket/3794

(14 Aug '12, 11:57) gerdami

In this case I agree with RM. But if its a conveyor belt maybe you could used man_made=goods_conveyor which I have found in the wiki and would fit something I encountered to transport gravel from the quarry over a river to the wash and grading plant.

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answered 11 Aug '12, 18:52

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andy mackey
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