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I would like to generate route data based on OSM that does not only consist of the GPS coordinates in a GPX file but also contains other information like street type and maximum speed. As an example, I would like to define start and endpoint for the route and than get a table in following form:

% node id, lat, lon, ele, way id, highway type, maxspeed,
266572201, 52.4146423, 9.6425588, 98.7, 31140680, primary, 70 ....

What would be the general approach to get such data out of OpenStreetMap?

Thanks for the support, best regards, Maik

asked 10 Aug '12, 14:29

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Have a look at osmconvert ... you can convert raw OSM data to CSV data. Define the columns that you need.

Or choose another approach like the numerous opensource solutions you can find in the OSM wiki about Routing

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answered 10 Aug '12, 16:23

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Thanks, good hint. My problem is now that using osmconvert with the --all-to-nodes option, it will create a new node ID for each way that will than have a highway type and the maximum speed as properties. This is not what I wanted to have, because the connection between node and way is than lost.

I wanted to have all node properties, that are on my route, in that list and the properties of the street that the route is following should be printed in the line of the referenced node.

In other words, I need the reverse reference. To which way does the current node belong following the given node?

For the Routing topic: sometimes the route can be exported as a GPX file, while for me it would be much better to get the node IDs of my route. So is there a routing service existing that delivers the node IDs or is something like that possible via API?

(13 Aug '12, 12:24) osmaik

I would ask that in one of the OS mailing lists about Developing or Routing ...

(13 Aug '12, 16:51) stephan75

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