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I have a polygon that is a recreation area that is surround by a river bank polygon. I have separated the nodes (shift J) and can continue the line along the river bank ( aided by F for follow) but when I try to highlight the whole polygon only the new bit or the old bit lights,suggesting the are not connected in some way.This occurs even though I break the old polygon first before trying to extend it.Should I just draw two polygons, tag them identically and just push them together.

asked 10 Aug '12, 11:49

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andy mackey
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SomeoneElse ♦

It sounds like you need to combine the 2 ways into a single way. In which case:

  1. Select one way
  2. Hold down Ctrl, and click on the other way
  3. Click on the Merge ways icon in the toolbox (or press J)
  4. Both ways should be combined, so should make the entire boundary of the area
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answered 10 Aug '12, 14:27

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Exactly what I wanted. Thanks

(10 Aug '12, 14:43) andy mackey

I tried doing as Vclaw said, but it seems that it doesn't work for closed polygons with one common edge. I needed to cut the polygons to make open ways out of them and delete the common edge, and only then I could merge them pressing J.

Is this the right way to merge closed polygons? Or is there a better way?

(14 Jun '13, 22:43) pere prlpz

Yes, that's the right way.

(14 Jun '13, 23:05) SomeoneElse ♦

Hi a good question. I personally work in Potlach, seperation ends most of the time up drawing a part again. Its really tricky if the node is part of several areas. Before you know youre messing up more then youre creating. Joining them can be done by chosing mutipolygons and making one inner and the other the outer as if they are connected. Its even done with areas within areas. Greetz Hendrik

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answered 10 Aug '12, 14:09

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