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A few day ago on the map page the map choices, standard ,cycle, transport and map quest moved to position along the top of the screen and standard is not clickable as it is behind the navigation arrows and does not work. In trying to get standard back I had to use a permalink edited to finish in A. the others are C Q and T. (Cycle,Transport and Quest). Has the map screen got a fault or have I messed up my settings some how, I'm running Google on windows XP.

asked 06 Aug '12, 09:30

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andy mackey
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Could you provide a screenshot? Do other browsers work? And Google is not a browser, you are probably referring to Chrome.

(06 Aug '12, 10:09) scai ♦

Sorry Alex, the click choices,have gone back to top right hand place after I followed Gnonthgol advice.I had missed your comment and had gone straight to the answer and followed it. So I could not screen shot it as it's gone now Thanks Andy

(06 Aug '12, 12:21) andy mackey

You must have gotten really unlucky. The page was broken in that way for only a couple of minutes, but it must have been stored in you browser cache. Refresh the page with F5 or Shift-F5 and it should have resolved itself.

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answered 06 Aug '12, 10:23

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