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I am currently staying in a rather impressive, new hotel in Ireland; I tracked the two big parking lots on either side of the hotel; then I thought that those two blocks of parking aisles with just a small hotel icon between them looked rather silly, so I added the outline of the big hotel. This outline never appeared on the map, whereas the parking lots had been there after a few minutes.

Only then did I really notice that on OSM Ireland there are not just "not very many" houses, but, as far as I can tell, none at all. (Haven't looked at Dublin - Parliament?)

In complete contrast to this, in my home country Germany just about every house that can be seen on the Bing photos has been drawn onto the map.

Just who is it who said "Houses in Germany? Yes, please; in Ireland? No, thanks"?



asked 04 Aug '12, 23:14

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There are no country authoratives in OSM.

In your case the tiles in the cache (browser or server) were probably quite fresh so they were not updated even though there were new data in that area. You can try flushing the browser cache or try again a bit later.

Germany have a rather high number of mappers so that almost all places have the houses mapped. In most of the world including most of Ireland the local mappers have not gotten around to start mapping the indevidual buildings yet. If you look at bigger cities like Dublin there are some buildings there, but in more rural areas they are still missing a lot of roads.

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Hi, you are right. My mistake was that I set (only) the hotel tag; I just saw in the details that the building tag was not set. Applying the Tag Building=Yes made the hotel appear a short time later.

(05 Aug '12, 09:46) Marabu_Too

One factor that influences building coverage is the amount of aerial imagery available. Much of Britain and Germany, for example, is covered by high-resolution Bing aerial imagery. In Ireland, however, aerial imagery coverage is poor, making it harder for mappers to trace buildings.

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answered 05 Aug '12, 01:02

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It's also worth mentioning that since this question was asked (Bing) aerial imagery in Ireland now has much better coverage.

(12 Aug '13, 15:45) SomeoneElse ♦

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