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Hi. My question is probably odd, so let me elaborate. I am interested in creating tram and bus map, like opnvkarte:

Unfortunately, they do not allow me to download whole Krakow, so I am forced to generate my own map. I have managed to do something like that:

So, here is my question: How to set (locally) name of ways, so it would contain ref separated (like in opnvkarte) of tram routes?

Sorry for my English and lack of knowledge - I didn't know anything about OpenStreetMap until yesterday.


asked 03 Aug '12, 14:05

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Since I don't quite understand your answer yet, here is better image of what I am trying to accomplish: (refs of relations containing specific way separated by coma)

(03 Aug '12, 16:06) michal_wawrz

You would normally import your data into a database prior to rendering it. The osm2pgsql tool - one of several tools that can do this - can generate linestring geometries for relations which you can then draw.

You could also check out Maperitive which works on raw OSM data, without database import, and it has relation support as well:

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answered 03 Aug '12, 14:10

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