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Following this recent question ( I looked at a lake and island I mapped a while ago. The island is not rendered. I am having problems with linking the inner and outer relations I have done the clockwise polygon for the lake and the anti clockwise polygon for the island and tagged them but cannot find the info on what to do with the relation box in advanced mode tag box in the wiki. I need a step by step of that bit please using Potlach2.

asked 31 Jul '12, 21:25

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andy mackey
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  • Using Ctrl key select both ways. (You can add ways to relation one by one also)
  • click on "Add to" button on the lower left corner.
  • In the appeared window click on "New relation..." button to create new relation.
  • Or if you are adding members to existing relation, then choose that relation from appeared window and click "Select" button.
  • Choose Multipolygon as the type of relation from dropdown menu.
  • Click on "Members" tab on the bottom of window.
  • Write either word inner (islands inside an area) or outer (ways that form the outer area) as the type of way.

You have a multipolygon.

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answered 31 Jul '12, 22:00

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Thanks RM I'll try that

(31 Jul '12, 22:06) andy mackey

I tried a few times, then Richard came up with his answer

(01 Aug '12, 10:38) andy mackey

Select both ways (control-click for multiple selection).

Click the "box with hole in" icon in the toolbox.

That's it.

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answered 01 Aug '12, 09:57

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Richard ♦
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This is so much easier with the new "box with hole in it" icon. so use this method it works and is quicker than the first excepted answer.

(01 Aug '12, 10:33) andy mackey

I've deleted for you the unnecassary relation (you had the relation twice) and moved the water tag inside the relation.

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answered 01 Aug '12, 13:15

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