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Would someone please help me understand what's happening here:

If you zoom all the way in there, in the "Standard" view, you see that Camino Vera Cruz changes color between Carretera and Costero Risco. However, if you zoom out at all, Camino Vera Cruz appears to end there. The street continues west as shown when you are zoomed all the way in (or in the other views). If you "Browse Map Data," it shows that the way ends at that point. It still shows nodes to the west and even draws the outline of the street if you're zoomed in all the way, but the way ends. Same thing in Edit view; the nodes are there but no way.

I have some tiles from a couple of months ago that show the entirety of Camino Vera Cruz, so I know it used to be there. When I view the history of the area, I don't see it being deleted. Can we tell where it went?

I was doing some editing a little farther north and I noticed that Camino de los Mares had the same issue out at its northern end. I thought I might have damaged it accidentally, so I added it back in. But I wasn't doing anything around Vera Cruz.

Thanks for helping!


asked 31 Jul '12, 03:17

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According to the OSMI redaction bot view the Camino Vera Cruz road has been deleted by the redaction bot. I don't know why this road is still visible in the highest zoom level, might just be a rendering bug. However, after I triggered a re-render of one of the tiles (see the Slippy Map wiki page or this question for information how to do this) the road disappeared. So the tile still wasn't up to date.

I cannot see any problem with Camino de los Mares though, except that there is an overlapping highway=proposed road which should be fixed and the highway=path may miss a connection with the residential road. Maybe there has been a similar problem in the past but the tiles have been re-rendered meanwhile.

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answered 31 Jul '12, 07:37

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I can see some of it at full zoom. Oddly different bits to what I can see in Potlach2. The main thing to do (as bing? is so good) is to remap it, I was tempted but without a little local knowledge it's best to leave it to some one on the ground to confirm it.

(31 Jul '12, 08:24) andy mackey

Ah, my paranoid worries about disappearing data were well founded! Many thanks for your explanation and helpful links. I guess I must have been living in a hole to not know of this deletion bot. Now, on to the repairs!


(01 Aug '12, 02:43) RexTCA

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