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Is there a client service similar to or that renders inland navigation routes for motorboats, i.e. a special rendering for boats, including, routes length, locks, inland marinas, mooring points with water, electricity, etc?

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asked 29 Jul '12, 16:17

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I guess the closest is which has international data, but I don't know if their user interface is multi-lingual or just German. I assume you know already.

I don't know of any motor boat routes tagged in OpenStreetMap yet so it is unlikely that you will find a map that displays route length like a hiking map.

There's also an iPad application called "Rivers & Seas" which uses OpenStreetMap data.

Bye Frederik

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answered 29 Jul '12, 17:42

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Many thanks for this reply. I checked this website and it also displays seamarks used in inland navigation, provided that the tagging scheme follows the indications of this page For example, locks on rivers and canals are properly rendered. Thanks again.

(30 Jul '12, 19:45) gerdami
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