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Please let me know how I can export osm format maps to get them in SHP (ESRI), XLM or GML format? Do you have any converter which I can use? I used to work with maps with MapInfo and would like to keep it as a tool. Can anybody help?

asked 05 Nov '10, 08:56

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You can download ready-made SHP-format maps from Geofabrik or Cloudmade.

I believe most people creating shapefiles (including the download services listed above) are doing so by putting OSM data into a PostGIS database, and then using the built in psql2shp function.

There are a few command-line tools to do a more direct conversion from osm to shapefiles. In fact it looks like there are two different tools called 'osm2shp' under development (one by Frederick of geofabrik, one by someone else), and a ruby library called 'OSMLib'.

All the alternatives are listed on the Shapefiles wiki page.

...and aside from shapefiles, you can actually convert or otherwise use OSM data more directly with MapInfo. See the MapInfo wiki page (although that information could do with some tidying up by a MapInfo expert)

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You can also save as Raster from OSM - for example JPEG - and then create your own .TAB file for use with this Raster. The .TAB specifies rference points for conversion (Lon,Lat) -> (pixel). Top Left is always pixel (0,0). Subtract -1 from the pixel count (since the numbering starts from pixel '0').

Example .TAB file below for Raster 2223 Wide by 1733 high:

!table !version 300 !charset WindowsLatin1

Definition Table File "MyRaster.jpg" Type "RASTER" (-87.407,39.076) (0,0) Label "TopLeft", (-86.708,39.076) (2222,0) Label "TopRight", (-87.407,38.652) (0,1732) Label "BottomLeft", (-86.708,38.652) (2222,1732) Label "BottomRight" CoordSys Earth Projection 1, 104 Units "degree" ReadOnly

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answered 19 Sep '12, 20:14

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