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Hello people,

I need an editor where I can drag and drop images to fit in specific locations on the map and I can even rotate them into the map. I want to be able to modify the size of images according to the zoom, for example, if the zoom is 10 the image size is 12x12px, if the zoom is 11 the image size is 18x18px and so on... I'm thinking of something like Photoshop, where there are several layers and can drag the images to edit them, then the bottom layer would be the map tiles and the top layer would be the images that I placed. I also like that the images could be referenced as objects so I can hold events 'click' and 'mouseover' using some kind of API or as OpenLayer Leaflet.

Does anyone have any suggestions for my need?

Otherwise, how could I create such an editor? I think the JOSM code is my target if no exists the editor that I explained above.



asked 24 Jul '12, 18:57

Gilliard%20Lopes's gravatar image

Gilliard Lopes
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The JOSM PicLayer plugin sounds like what you're looking for.

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answered 24 Jul '12, 19:25

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Vincent de P... ♦
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Thanks for your answer Vincent, i will install the PicLayer plugin and turn to give my feedback. =)

(24 Jul '12, 19:56) Gilliard Lopes

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