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Hi, I'm building a web app that will use the tiling, zooming, marker and other functionality associated with map applications, however i dont need to use all this Geolocation and other stuff that TileMill requires as my application will be loading medical images not maps. Is it possible to import a custom image into TileMill? If so how? Maybe TileMill is completely unsuited to my specific application, if so could someone suggest an alternative?

asked 23 Jul '12, 11:25

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answered 14 Aug '12, 10:22

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"Leaflet" sprung to mind when "simple web app" was mentioned, and a quick web search found this. Although it's logged as an "issue" in the comments someone says "It's actually possible to accomplish this without any modifications to the source".

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answered 23 Jul '12, 12:55

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I tried contacting CloudMade about modifying their Leaflet script library for commercial purposes about a month ago but got no reply, all the same I'll check out that link. Cheers.

(23 Jul '12, 12:59) DamoPock

Leaflet is permissively licensed, so you can modify it and use it for whatever you want as long as you credit the original author.

(23 Jul '12, 13:21) Richard ♦

I'd really like to believe that but I had a look at their user license agreement and found this:

CloudMade reserves the right to charge a fee for using the CloudMade APIs without notice in its sole discretion. You do not have an obligation to continue using the CloudMade APIs should CloudMade exercise its right to charge a fee.

That seems like free reign to charge whatever they want whenever they want for whatever reason. Am I wrong?

(23 Jul '12, 14:56) DamoPock

It sounds like they reserve the right to charge for "the CloudMade APIs" - i.e. map tiles and other services. If you host the leaflet js locally you're not going near any Cloudmade API.

(23 Jul '12, 23:08) SomeoneElse ♦

Getting a bit caught up in semantics here but here goes, an API can include things such as a js library, from Wiki:

An API may include specifications for routines, data structures, object classes .......... or the libraries of a programming language, e.g. Standard Template Library in C++ or Java API.

Believe me I want to work with leaflet but it wont just be hosted locally, it'll be published on a live commercial website, with credit to CloudMade obviously. Are you certain I can't be charged for this? I need to be 100% certain!

(24 Jul '12, 14:52) DamoPock

The leaflet licence I was reading was here. Perhaps you're reading something else?

(24 Jul '12, 15:13) SomeoneElse ♦

I was looking at the API licensing agreement. Well, call this answered I guess. Thanks for your help.

(25 Jul '12, 10:38) DamoPock
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