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I am trying to set no turn restrictions. I can set type of restriction, but I want to set From: and To: as well. However when I click on From: or To: it just shows an empty drop down many. Is there a way I can enter this information by hand? No use in setting the only-straight restriction on an intersection when it is not clear which street it refers to (e.g. north-south street may be straight only and east-west street may be all turns allowed). Need help with this.

asked 21 Jul '12, 21:26

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Hi Mihaljo, Did you tried to ad 2 directions at the (motorway) road description (first option basic) if so youll get the possibility to turn the signs to and from or get both ways at the same time. I curious if this solves your problem.

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answered 21 Jul '12, 21:35

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turn restrictions can only be placed at nodes, where the from- and to-ways end or begin. Try splitting the ways with the scissor-icon.

(21 Jul '12, 21:55) moszkva ter

Thanks for that answer, which stopped me posting a similar question myself. My question now is why the limitation exists. I cannot see anything wrong in principle with a way having a restricted junction somewehere along its length. Is it a limitation of Potlatch, or is it something more fundamental in the database schema?

(26 Aug '12, 21:19) Madryn

You can try to use the editor JOSM ... there is a user-friendly plugin to create turn-restrictions

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answered 24 Jul '12, 16:21

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Oh come on, there is no need to suggest that someone has to learn an entirely new editor and install a plugin just for one tiny little thing. Moskva ter has already given the correct answer.

(24 Jul '12, 18:07) Richard ♦

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