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I just finished my first little bit for OSM - a kilometer long new cycling path. First I traced my GPS path roughly in a relatively small scale view which showed the whole GPS track, then went up to maximum magnification, added more points and followed the GPS data more closely, adding features like a new bridge. I saved each stage of the editing. Now, when I look at the map, at maximun magnification the final version shows; at lower magnification it disappears and the first rough draft is shown. If I go below the zoom level for the first draft, even that disappears.

What to do?

asked 20 Jul '12, 23:41

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Welcome to OSM!

The answer to your question is probably: Just wait!

You may read more in the FAQ under the subject I have just made some changes to the map. How do I get to see my changes?

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answered 20 Jul '12, 23:57

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As gnurk says wait. There is a time delay as the data we all map is entered into a database. The database is then used by rendering programs to make various styles of map, there are some choices on the map page Standard,Cycle, Transport and MapQuest Open. The data is also used for building OSM Garmin maps and various other map files some of which may only be updated monthly. Hopefully your stuff will appear on the slippy map within a day. You can then say I mapped that!

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answered 21 Jul '12, 00:40

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andy mackey
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In addition the different layers of magnification are I assume rendered in some sort of order and some may have missed your edit at the time but will get included the next time around.

(21 Jul '12, 00:50) andy mackey

If your addition is shown on some zoom levels it is most likely you browser cache that caches the tiles on OSM. A F5 should solve the problem.

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answered 21 Jul '12, 13:56

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