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My nice town of Le Chesnay, 78150 France, has undergone a major OpenStreetMap storm, as most of the streets have disapeared ! Is there a way to revert to an earlier version and undo what someone has done ?

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asked 19 Jul '12, 14:39

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This is the result of our license change. Currently, the redaction bot looks at every object and removes non-ODbL compatible content or even the whole object. This could have been prevented by remapping in the first place but has obviously not been done for every object in your town.

As you can see on the progress map France is already finished. That means you can now start to remap missing information by using ODbL-compatible sources.

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answered 19 Jul '12, 15:32

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See the licence change. The redaction bot is "removing" a lot of data around the world, and is probably the one responsible for Le Chesnay too. Now is a great time to start contributing to osm by fixing deletions wherever you can. Le Chesnay has good aerial imagery, so if you know your town it's a great way to start.

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answered 19 Jul '12, 15:27

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