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I find sometimes this tag attached to highways. I interpret this tag as a hint for the Osmarender rendering application. Even though it is not really tagging for the renderer, I found some cases where a highway is split just to not display the name on some part of the street. Is that acceptable to add tags helping rendering and is it correct to split an OSM way just to improve the rendering results ?

asked 03 Nov '10, 18:50

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Please specify, is what correct?: - your interpretation "I interpret this tag..." or - special tagging using the the tag in question

I would be nervous about a question re "correct" tagging because from my initial reading about OSM concepts I understand that there are helpful conventions but no such thing as "incorrect" tagging.

(03 Nov '10, 20:24) Screentoosmall

Yes this tag is used to tell osmarender to not render the name for this object. Interestingly enough not only osmarender observes this tag but mapnik does too. However it should only be used as a very last resort as OpenStreetMap is not primarily focused on the creation of nice looking map tiles but on the collection of a database containing geographical informations.

In my opinion this tag should only be used in local copies of OpenStreetMap data which you tweak for rendering and never be uploaded to the main database.

Splitting ways to suppress name tags is a form of "tagging for the renderer" and should be avoided.

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answered 03 Nov '10, 22:19

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mapnik doesn't know this tag. I've searched the code for both the stylesheets and osm2pgsql, and neither of them mention the tag anywhere.

(04 Nov '10, 10:07) Andy Allan

It not even tag for render, it's tagging for one renderer !

There is no relay hint in OSM tagging schema for renderer. But OSM is not a place where fan of each renderer can add tag for it favorite engine. OSM data base is a geographic data base.

You can even found some svg conversion hint like svg:bezier key...

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answered 03 Nov '10, 19:36

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This is actually wrong as mapnik knows about this tag too.

(04 Nov '10, 08:40) petschge

as Andy Allan stated above: Mapnik doesn't interpret this tag (I confirm this as I checked as well). On the other hand, telling the "renderer" that a way should be converted to a curve (svg:bezier) has few to do with rendering, it is besides the rendering a general statement that a way is curved instead of being polygonal (so it is actually a map datum), the only thing to criticize in this context might be the naming of the tag.

(27 Feb '11, 15:57) dieterdreist

I can see how this tag may be useful in certain, limited and specific contexts. For example, complex intersections on two-way roads that have ramps or teapot handles, which would result in many breaks in ways to contain the turn restrictions that Osmarender would otherwise try to label.

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answered 25 Feb '11, 15:12

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Baloo Uriza
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