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Hi there. I have invoked the "Access Blocked" message for over-using the server. I accept that I have probably hit the server a lot whilst testing an application but this testing is winding down now. In real-use, there will be fewer than 10 people accessing the map tile server and most days there will be no access at all. Can I have the restriction withdrawn now that I'm aware of the issue and I will massively reduce my usage? Aside: does the block 'time-out' at all in order to give me a second chance in the future? Second: How does this restriction apply? To me as an individual accessing the server from work (identifiable, I imagine, by an IP address?), or to anyone else who might use my application from their location? Any clarification would be most useful but the outcome I seek is to be given a warning and let back in to play :-)

asked 16 Jul '12, 12:45

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Map tiles? Come chat in #osm-dev on OFTC via

(16 Jul '12, 12:51) Firefishy ♦♦

For the tile server it's not about how many people use it, but how many tiles they download. Heavy use, or any "scraping" use (where you download tiles for storing them rather than for displaying them live in the browser) are not allowed.

If you have been blocked on the tile server then a message to the admins (and not to this help forum) is recommended, explaining exactly how your requests are identifiable (user agent, IP, whatever).

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answered 16 Jul '12, 12:52

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Frederik Ramm ♦
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Thanks Frederik - I did visit the admins site but a) couldn't see how I message any of them from there and b) for example, on Tom H's Discussion page, it says repeatedly "Do not leave messages for me here"

(16 Jul '12, 12:57) TimHaydnJones

I am an admin, come chat in #osm-dev on OFTC via

(16 Jul '12, 12:58) Firefishy ♦♦

come chat in #osm-dev on OFTC via It's not apparent to me what I do when I get there

(16 Jul '12, 13:17) TimHaydnJones

(expanding a bit on Firefishy's comment)

There are many different ways of contacting other people in OSM, as described here. One of them is IRC (various channels on which you can access using a regular IRC client or, for the most popular OSM channels, by a web front-end here. One of those channels is #osm-dev, so simply click on the link, select #osm-dev from the drop-down list and choose an identifying nickname instead of the default "CGI*" one. Then ask your questions!

(16 Jul '12, 16:02) SomeoneElse ♦

Thanks SomeoneElse

(16 Jul '12, 21:32) TimHaydnJones

I'm still confused. The irc site seems to be so slow as to be completely unusable in real terms. It takes 5-10 minutes for any response to any action to appear (whether that be to post a message or try to navigate between the channels). In fact, I'm normally disconnected before I get to chat to anyone (and 'Click to reconnect' either does nothing or is so slow that I've given up before it does something).

(19 Jul '12, 09:36) TimHaydnJones

I've just retried the web interface - it seems OK from where I am (a UK ADSL connection)

(19 Jul '12, 10:36) SomeoneElse ♦
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