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I like to ad to the Key ; Historic, the Value ; Schans / or Redoubt. Just to name old earthworks and specify the former use of such field-works as a defensive stand. Some of these earthworks even form lines and still excist. But nobody expects them in the undergrowths and they seem to be forgotten. My choice is Schans but Ill settle for Redoubt instead of Field-works.

asked 15 Jul '12, 13:58

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Sorry, what is the question?

(15 Jul '12, 20:46) gorn

Please read creating a tagging proposal page on the wiki.

After that you should do a search on Tagging mailing list archieves (probably there have been many discussions about different fortifications). (Tagging mailing list is also the place where you can discuss things like this first)

And it wouldn't hurt if you try to find your fortification type on taginfo. It might already exist under slightly different name. Wiki might give some ideas what to look for.

Also bear in mind that generic key values should be in english. So german Schans is not a good idea.

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answered 15 Jul '12, 21:01

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Hi RM, Thanks for the advise. I already joined the tag group earlier today. And yes I read it (Tag)carefully, its printed on a huge list of over 77 pages and I read it from time to time. Im trying to make a old line visible in OSM. Like I stated Ill go for Redoubt instead of Schans (Btw Dutch, Oudeschans and Nieuwe Schans) The Redoubt is a simple earthwork with no extra adds, just a field to build a tent with a border of dirt and a ditch in front of it. Its rather out of time and quit easy to erase and make it into farmland again.

(15 Jul '12, 23:28) Hendrikklaas

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