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I came upon a house marked by 3D as general building, between trees. But its a ark with a buildup homstead, not unusual in watery areas. Youll find a lot of them in the Netherlands but also as floating homes in the Everglades.

I tagged it Ark and added generic resedential, has anyone a better suggestion ?

asked 13 Jul '12, 23:36

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Similar problem: How to tag a restaurant located in a boat or ship? not unusual in cities with a waterfront. Maybe the solution to your tagging problem can also be applied on that situation?

(16 Jul '12, 08:27) moszkva ter

Other than the biblical usage, "ark" doesn't really mean "boat" in English.

(16 Jul '12, 15:39) SomeoneElse ♦

A quick browse along the river Thames and in taginfo has found some tags that might be relevant:




building=house (or similar) + floating=yes


permanent link

answered 16 Jul '12, 14:33

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edited 16 Jul '12, 14:36

Thanks SRBrook, I didnt find or came across a list of names like that. Thats why I made the suggestion or question readable. But your hint looks like the solution for the problem that emerges if the basic is nt a concrete form but anything else that has been used as a vessel. I came across one pointed as building (3dshapes) in the middle of a pound surrounded by trees, the water wasnt really visible. I just made a check into another area and none of the floating homes (boats) has been tagged. A nice job to do afterwards, but one thing a the time. Even A' dam is famous for its sometimes ugly floatings homes but it has no tags in the city. But if an OSM college wants to tackle it feel free to do so, the task is hugh.

(16 Jul '12, 20:44) Hendrikklaas

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