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I noticed that Mapnik rendered some tracks in maroon dashes or continued line (like roads).

If a track's surface is made of concrete and tagged as surface=concrete, will it be rendered as a continuous line in Mapnik?

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asked 11 Jul '12, 20:02

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No. The Mapnik style sheet we currently use doesn't recognize any surface tags but it can be implemented of course. There as been a similar answer on help, a rather old ticket and probably several mailing list discussions about this issue. There is also an ITO Map showing different surface tags in different colors.

But it doesn't seem like there are any current plans in supporting the surface tag in our Mapnik style sheet. Yet you can try to add it or improve existing patches in hope somebody will merge your changes.

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answered 11 Jul '12, 20:46

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Thanks for your reply and all useful links. I understand now that it is only the tracktype=grade 1-5 that produces different Mapnik renderings. However, the relation analyser actually uses the surface key to compute surface composition averages for relations. Hence I should use both keys, e.g. surface=concrete and tracktype=grade1.

(12 Jul '12, 00:02) gerdami

Oups, my mistake. The relation analyser computes percentages of roads, tracks, paths for let's say a walking route.

(12 Jul '12, 07:34) gerdami

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