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I can't see how to close my OSM account. Can someone please enlighten me.

Richard [in WR14]

asked 02 Nov '10, 08:28

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There is no way to close your OSM account and there is no reason to close your account. Just leave it if you do not want to contribute to OSM any more. Maybe change the password so that no one can guess it and gain access to the account.

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answered 02 Nov '10, 08:33

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There is at least one reason to close an account: someone trying to contact an explicitly removed user need not wait for a response from the black hole.

(23 Feb '11, 18:35) mk408

I think that there should be a proceedure for closing an account. I agree with the reasoning of mk408. I don't know how many registered users there are (probably >200,000) but how many are really active.

In my small provincial town there are 33 registered users:

9 with no contribution

9 contributions within the last 12 months

2 with none since 1-2 years

12 with none since 2-3 years

and 1 with none since >3 years.

Surely it would be wise to weed out some of these users thereby reducing the ballast and create a realistic number of the OSM-community.

(23 Feb '11, 21:05) dcp

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