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I am looking for methods of listing particular types of landuse with a 10kmsq area. I cannot open the relevant city osm as it is over 500Mb, and do not want to try downloading XML batches of <50000 nodes multiple times.

I am hoping there is a search facility that will list all tags of a particular type within a given area. If that resource doesn't exist, I'd like to know how to download a file that's of a manageable size yet big enough to cover a helpful portion of the total.

asked 10 Jul '12, 10:56

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You can use Overpass API for it.

Or XAPI (one key-value pair at a time).

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answered 10 Jul '12, 11:53

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Thanks :) I had looked at Overpass briefly and not understood how I might use it. XAPI looks like it's easy to use - though I'm still wondering just how & where to post a query. Am trying the mapquest XAPI web service... it seems to set everything out nicely

(10 Jul '12, 12:10) MayDay2005

The mapquest XAPI page is having server problems, so I've messed about with the Overpass query tool using Wiki examples until I got something to work. The bbox spec description is confusing. For those of us west of Greenwich and north of the equator, it seems the actual bbox sequence is South,West,North,East, which doesn't equate to LowLat, LowLong, HiLat, HiLong as set out in the spec. If I want to set a box around Cork, I enter LHLH (51.85,-8.56,51.93,-8.33); doing it the LLHH way (51.85,-8.33,51.93,-8.56) sets it round Knebworth.

(10 Jul '12, 15:00) MayDay2005

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