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I'm trying to export streets in Saint-Marc, Haiti so I can use them in ArcGIS for a map. I did the XML output and it only seems to export some street names, the rest are blank. However, they all seem to be named on the OSM website. Why is that? Is there something else I can do to get the exports with all the attributes? and Cloudmade don't include street names either.

asked 09 Jul '12, 20:04

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Marion Barry
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Please name one concrete OSM object that does not have a name in your export but has one on the OSM map, then we can investigate.

(09 Jul '12, 20:18) Frederik Ramm ♦

La Scierie Prolonngée for example. Also it seems that Rue Pierre Toussaint (on the OSM site) is exporting as "La Scirie Bonet Prolongee" in XML. I should be using Highway or highway-ln, right?

(09 Jul '12, 20:36) Marion Barry

I don't know what you mean by "using Highway or highway-ln", these are not keys that appear in the XML. The road you mention is not called "La Scierie Prolonngée" like you say, but it appears once as "La Scierie Prolongee" (capital s, normal double e) and once as "La scierie Prolongée" (small s, accent). Both of these roads are present in the OSM export as well as in the Geofabrik extract. Is it possible that you postprocess the XML in a program that only shows you part of what's there?

(09 Jul '12, 20:39) Frederik Ramm ♦

Part of the road seems to be present, but not the whole thing when I bring it in. I am taking the XML to ArcGIS via their Data Interoperability extension -- when you do that it has feature classes for highway and highway-ln. Is there a better way to bring the data into ArcGIS then?

(09 Jul '12, 20:46) Marion Barry

On your earlier parts, I downloaded the most recent Geofabrik file and it did have a lot more street names. The one I had before was from a month ago, I guess they made a lot of changes in that time.

(10 Jul '12, 16:21) Marion Barry

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