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These structures are just made of earth around 850 AD as a stronghold against raiders (vikings). But they can be found in Germany on hill tops as well. And most of the time theres no sign of its existance on OSM. Modern variations around are build around 1600 AD and can be found AFAIK in the Netherlands and Belgium. Opposite to stone castles there was original no sign of any building or shelter within the perimeter. Some of these earthbuild fortresses were improved steady FI with stone shelters over the years up to 1940 AD. Is Forte a right suggestion to tag it or has someone an other idea ?

asked 07 Jul '12, 00:22

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The tag barrier=embankment seems best for the earthworks themselves, but the tag historic=fort has also been used to show the location of forts.

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answered 07 Jul '12, 09:33

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Hi Jonathan,

I was tagging a Ringwalburg or earth forte. Theyre build as an shelter against roaming nomades, in different sizes. So historic fort, distinct from a castle as it is generaly more modern isnt good. Not to mention a tankline, we still have some in Holland at 53.023935 6.642866. The first in Holland build fortresses were earthfilled by lack of stones. Barrier is a good idea but not with embankment although the translation looks okay but theres a link to water. Landuse military is sometimes correct, but the (New Dutch Waterline) itself has not been a battlefield

Greetings Hendrik

(08 Jul '12, 23:51) Hendrikklaas

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