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I think that OSM is a great project but I can see some limit of the usability of the good maps we're creating.

For example if I had an enterprise I would find very interesting to enbed in my site a map showing the position of the different offices in the city or in a small area, I think this is impossible with OSM at the moment while with Google Maps this is very easy to do.

Another example: at the moment my country is bitten by bad weather and some areas is unrichable and some streets are close beacause lots of rivers break the embankments. How can I put this very very important informations on OSM so other people can use them?

asked 01 Nov '10, 20:42

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You should stick to one questions at a time - you've asked about showing offices and how to tag frequently-flooded streets in teh same question.

(02 Nov '10, 10:36) Andy Allan

It's perfectly possible to do the kind of things you're talking about with OpenStreetMap - it just takes a bit more work because we don't have a nice point and click interface to do all the work for you.

There are however a number of javascript and flash libraries which will let you embed OpenStreetMap maps in a site and overlay markers etc on them. Look for things like OpenLayers, Mapstraction, Modest Maps and so on.

OpenStreetMap's primary goal is to collect the raw data that other people can use to build the kind of easy to use tools that you seem to be looking for.

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answered 01 Nov '10, 23:04

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For the first example (Create an embeddable map with custom points) you can use one of the many services that provides OSM based maps. Here are two working examples:

For the second task (closed streets) you can update the map tagging the affected segments of the road as: "access=no" or delineate the flooding area and tag as "flood_prone=yes". This is obviously a temporal solution and may be other tagging schemas.

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