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A favourite trick of our local town planners is to build a residential cul-de-sac where the main roadway stops just short of the last few houses, but the road continues, after a change of surface, width and/or level, to give access to a few more houses. The effect can be seen in the Bing imagery at the ends of both branches of Haddon Close ( Should the semi-private road extensions be mapped as part of the normal road, mapped but shown as private, or not mapped at all?

asked 05 Jul '12, 21:37

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That looks to me like a shared driveway, which the houses on that section might have to jointly pay towards maintaining (thinking of somewhere I used to live here where that was the case - it might not be clear due to the trees but the last 4 houses on Cheriton Grove share a driveway). As such I would probably map it as a driveway (highway=service/service=driveway).

Edit: While I was there, I have now mapped the end of Cheriton Grove as a driveway, plus added the paths I used to walk in the area.

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answered 06 Jul '12, 08:42

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Well, there hasn't been a storm of protest from the OSM community, so I have mapped the roads as you suggested. The driveways in these examples are dead ends, so there are no routing issues. Thanks for your help.

(14 Jul '12, 10:02) Madryn

Should nt the road be marked as private or tag it with permissive. For a stranger OSM its hard to find out if there a agreement for the use of a shared driveway. It could look public but no garantees and the sign prohibited / private or permissive could have fallen down. Theres a road sign for it in Europe Aanwonenden toegestaan / Anlieger Frei, if you have to go there for a message, your allowed (permissive). In general I think that we should be carefull with tagging roads without info and the more info the better.

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answered 08 Jul '12, 23:22

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If known, it might be appropriate to add an access tag, but a missing access tag wouldn't to me imply "access=yes", only that access restrictions haven't been recorded.

(09 Jul '12, 00:07) SomeoneElse ♦

Also, these shared driveway type things generally go nowhere, so unless you are visiting properties on them why would you be going there? It's not like you'll be routed over them. I agree that access tags are useful where the information is known and without them incorrect routing might occur.

(09 Jul '12, 07:21) EdLoach ♦

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