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Ive been trying to use a map Ive recitfied with two different map warpers to add data to an area in Quebec, Canada not currently traced.

The map Ive used I made sure it is not infringing on any copyright laws, and is an accurate map of the area I wish to work on. Now that its rectified both in and in Metacarta, I cant seem to succesfully use at as a background for either JOSM or Potlatch. Whats the trick to using the WMS link if there is one?

The links to the rectified maps are: (for

and: (for MetaCarta)

The corresponding wms links that they both offer (which I Imagine I have found correctly, by copying and pasting the link/url exactly as it is) respectively:

and dor MetaCarta:

Ive pasted this link in the area in JOSM under "Imagery" and "Rectified Image..." and it turns up with big red ERROR tiles..

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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Ive been trying to use my rectified images in JOSM without success. As mentioned above Ive tried fetching the url in the export section of mapwarper and there is a link for WMS specifically for JOSM. when I copy the link address it reads like this: Looks quite different form your template. Do I need to manualy modify it?

Is the "Add imagery dialogue" in JOSM or in mapwarper?

(25 Aug '12, 02:07) Azzitizz

The "Add imagery dialogue" is in JOSM. See

You paste the WMS service URL (see above) in the "Service URL" field and click "Get Layers".

The URL you got from the export section of mapwarper is for old versions of JOSM, where it would append the parameters at the end. This might still work, but the only official way in the current version is full URL with substitution markers (like {width} and {bbox}). See

(25 Aug '12, 08:32) bastik

Potlatch does not support WMS. Instead, you need to use the "Tiles (Google/OSM scheme)" link provided by MapWarper, and add this to Potlatch 2.

MapWarper will give you a URL like this:

You should add the $ symbol before z, x, and y, to make:$z/$x/$y.png

Then add this to Potlatch 2's background imagery dialogue.

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answered 28 Jun '12, 07:50

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Richard ♦
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Thanks great! Ive been combing for this particular bit of info but havent come accross it anywhere. Ill try that. In the meantime how would one use the WMS links in JOSM? same method?

(29 Jun '12, 03:04) Azzitizz

In JOSM, TMS is recommended as well, the format is{zoom}/{x}/{y}.png

If you like to use WMS, the URL template would be{proj}&WIDTH={width}&HEIGHT={height}&BBOX={bbox}

This can be retrieved by entering the WMS service URL ( in the "Add Imagery URL" dialog.

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answered 01 Jul '12, 22:14

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One thing to note:

Going straight to the Imagery menu, to attempt: Imagery -> Add Rectified Imagery

is almost certain to create frustration. It is not the same as doing this through: JOSM -> Preferences or File -> Import Image

JOSM -> Preferences is for either WMS or TMS and will add the appropriate underlays to the Imagery drop-down menu. File -> Import Image is for uploading a locally-stored GeoTIFF, etc.

Imagery -> Add Rectified Imagery is for WMS only and is looking for a URL in a format that the JOSM->Preferences approach will create for you.

That all said, TMS will work much better than WMS for zooming, etc.

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answered 20 Nov '12, 02:04

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I've tried using rectified maps from both mapwarper and metacarta, and just get the red ERROR in JOSM. This used to work perfect in previous versions, but is this due to these services not being updated to support the format JOSM expects?

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answered 20 Nov '12, 23:10

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Hi Buzzzy - can you describe the steps you are using to add your rectified maps? i.e. what are the specific steps / buttons / links you're clicking inside of JOSM?

(20 Nov '12, 23:51) jeffmeyer


I go to and the export tab. Copy the link "WMS: WMS base URL (for JOSM OpenStreetMap Editor )"

-> here I've tried using both the first and second link

Back to JOSM, menu Images > Add rectified image, and paste the URL, either as Map Warper (second option), or My own (third option). Just after the red tiles appear when the image layer is visible.

The process for metacarta is similar (this is what I've used lots in the past), click Warp, and the copy the link "WMS/WCS URL (Good for use with OpenLayers)", and paste as "Metacaarta Map rectifier" in JOSM>Images/Add rectified Image, 1st option, have also tried the 3rd option.

In JOSM, as soon as I click the eye in the Layers panel (ie activate), the red tiles appear.

Many thanks for pointing out what I'm missing in this process.

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answered 21 Nov '12, 08:36

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JOSM 5576 used Win XP 32

(21 Nov '12, 08:38) buzzzy

Hi Buzzzy - please read my post above, search on the term "frustration." : ) I cannot explain why images -> Add rectified images doesn't work like it seems like it should, but it doesn't. The approach I've outlined above should work - please let me know if it doesn't. Thanks, Jeff

(21 Nov '12, 19:08) jeffmeyer

@Jeff, thanks. Turns out that mapwarper "now" works using the third option in the dialog; My own WMS link. If I use it in the first option, its red. Same thing with metacarta, red in 2nd and 3rd option. Main thing is that theer is a solution for now :-) JOSM is great!

(21 Nov '12, 19:15) buzzzy

It's possible to use WMS imagery in Potlatch2 through a proxy service like Whoots.

Use it like this:$z/$x/$y/WEB_MERCATOR/

I have verified that this works.

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answered 14 May '14, 03:42

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