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I think that for the position of an entrance with a number it's correct to show on tile the number but when u put an amenity on a point and make a relation to an adress it must be the name of the amenity that tile must show or maybe i don't make it correct... In my idea, use the point to show the position of an amenity it's usefull when it's related to a big building with one entrance that contain several amenities and position.

Below more details about the POI:
addr:city = Lisses addr:housenumber = 3 addr:street = Rue du Velay fax = +33 1 60 86 30 64 name = BCI S.A. office = research phone = +33 1 69 11 30 00 website =

Coordinates :
48,6103284, 2,4291176

asked 27 Jun '12, 14:49

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Not all amenities are rendered on the map. Could you modify your question and specify which amenity tag you use and what type of "relation" you are talking about ?

(27 Jun '12, 14:52) Pieren

Next time, add a permalink (generated by a click on 'parmalink' on the map) like this one :

(27 Jun '12, 15:21) Pieren

Your POI is tagged as 'office=research' with address data where you have a 2nd POI with the address only near the building entrance. Following the OSM tagging good practice "one feature, one OSM element", the address should be specified only once on the map, ideally attached to the building polygon (which is not the case in your example) either on a node part of the closed way or on the closed way itself (the first being more appropriate when you have more than one address in the building). Then all POI's within the polygon should be considered as belonging to "that builing" with "this address". But this is a geocoder issue, not yours.

The next point is that your business name is not displayed on the map. This is because the current "official" map rendering rules ignore the POI's with the key "office". This might change in the future, this is just something to improve in the map style sheets. You can submit a ticket to mapnik style maintainers.

permanent link

answered 27 Jun '12, 15:39

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Thanks a lot for the complete answer Pieren ! It's clear and i will have a look on the link you give me. Best regards.

(27 Jun '12, 15:49) DOM91

By re-reading your answer, i think that it's too simple.

If i had only one polygon consider as a building with different entrance and different number of streets and related to different streets this is my example :

I have no way to describe the building like create others polygons related to the number. How can i be sure that the adress of my amenity will be correct ? In this case it's impossible if you didn't describe differents polygons, right ? Thanks.

(29 Jun '12, 11:21) DOM91

You have to think "map topology", not "yellow page db". A geocoder or reverse-geocoder will have to look for the nearest address node of your amenity node (due to the absence of address in the amenity POI itself) (by "nearest", I mean by the distance between nodes). Put your amenity node next to the corresponding address node (and within the building polygon). Of course, if the address is for only one amenity, you can merge both into the same element (node or closed way), making things simpler. But that's not the case in your example.

(29 Jun '12, 14:25) Pieren

oK Pieren, that's clear now. I think my misunderstanding comes from using others application. I will changed my way.

(29 Jun '12, 14:38) DOM91

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