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I have a shop of of packaging materials and another industrial supplies, and i want to add my shop, What kind of POI should I use? The place is a big warehouse.

Sorry for my english i am spanish.


asked 27 Jun '12, 13:38

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Based on the statistic tool 'taginfo', OSM has currently 3 POI tagged as 'shop=packaging'. Although it is not very common until now, you should adopt this tag. It might not be rendered on the official online map (with a special icon), you might not see your shop name. But, you will be present in the database and applications working with OSM data should be able to find your business if they search any value of the tag "shop".

If you don't know any thing about OSM, the simplest for you is to go to the main page, create an account if it is not already the case, go to your shop location on the slippy map, click on the tab "Edit" (opening the online editor called Potlatch P2), enable aerial imagery in background (if it is not already displayed) and create a new POI (a simple node) tagged as "shop=packaging".

Since this tag is unusual, you cannot use one of the predefined tags in the editor : click one time on the map to create the node, then click on the tab "Advanced" on the left pane and add your own tag in the table where key is "shop" and value is "packaging". In addition, you can add more tags like "name=" where '' is your shop name. Even better, you can add the address and contact informations with the tags "addr:housenumber=(the house number)", "add:street=(the street name)" and "phone=*".

When your POI is completed, type 's' to save your edits into the database. That's it ! It might take some minutes, hours or days until your data is imported into the multiple applications using OSM data.

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answered 27 Jun '12, 14:16

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OSMyBIZ is a dedicated web app for adding businesses to OpenStreetMap. New (as in not present on OSM yet) business are directly added to the OpenStreetMap data, changes are currently stored as OSM Notes with structured content.

See for more information.

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answered 20 May '19, 14:47

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This link is a compelete mess. The entire process ist full of bugs. You can't use the character on Firefox '-', altough required. The submit button throws uncaught exceptions on Chrome and Firefox. I don't even want to start talking about Chrome/Edge. Probably deployed without a single test.

(13 Nov '19, 08:03) asdasdasdasd

I've filed a bug report about the inability to type "-" on OsMyBiz:

(13 Nov '19, 10:51) das-g

This alternative site may assist

(13 Nov '19, 11:17) nevw

I've filed another bug:

This one makes entering new businesses impossible. :-(

(14 Nov '19, 12:17) das-g

A fix for (the exception when attempting to save a new entry) has been deployed. We apologize for the inconvenience.

(15 Nov '19, 09:20) das-g

Help with (the problem with entering "-") would be appreciated. I guess OsMyBiz is using leaflet slightly wrong.

(15 Nov '19, 09:21) das-g
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