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I am doing Nominatim OSM installation as per the steps given in Currently I am on following command

./utils/setup.php --osm-file /usr/share/osmgeplanet/gujarat.osm.bz2 --all

Script is running and the last line of output is "Partitions" and I can see around 589 tables in DB. But after one-two days no progress is there. Is script is terminated in background? How can I find the error? How can I check that script is running in background or not?

As I can see in the setup.php after writing "partitions" keyword as output, script is going to execute a large script (around 1.5MB sql queries) in postgresql shell. So how can I check if its still running or not? If terminated what is the error?

Please guide.


Output of select * from pg_stat_activity where datname = 'nominatim'; is:

datid  |  datname  | procpid | usesysid | usename | current_query | waiting | xact_start |          query_start          |         backend_start         | client_addr | client _port

---------+-----------+---------+----------+---------+---------------+---------+------------+-------------------------------+-------------------------------+-------------+------------- 2393113 | nominatim | 4537 | 16385 | root | <idle> | f | | 2012-06-25 13:27:22.345186+02 | 2012-06-25 12:55:53.153181+02 | | -1 2393113 | nominatim | 5399 | 16385 | root | <idle> | f | | 2012-06-25 13:32:27.59859+02 | 2012-06-25 13:27:22.387147+02 | | -1 (2 rows)

So is my process is currently runniing?

asked 25 Jun '12, 13:35

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Ravi Kotwani
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You really should be running the install while running a screen session. That way if you disconnect (intentionally or not) your commands will continue to execute.

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answered 25 Jun '12, 19:10

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Harry Wood

Normally, Nominatim shouldn't be silent for more than a few hours unless you try to import the entire planet on a slow machine. Even then, it should not hang in this particular line.

You can check what postgresql is doing with psql:

 psql -d postgres -c "select * from pg_stat_activity where datname = 'nominatim'"

You can ignore the lines where the query is <IDLE>. But if you see another query there stuck in waiting state, something might be blocking Nominatim. If you can't find a reason, stop the import, restart postgresql and restart the import. If you still get stuck in the same place, file a bug report in trac or github.

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answered 25 Jun '12, 17:21

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I can see 2 rows as the result of above query. Value of "current_query" field name is "<idle>". Value of "waiting" field is "f". For more details of result of above query, you can see my this edited question. What this columns mean? Is my process is currently running in backend or not?

(26 Jun '12, 06:51) Ravi Kotwani

You can ignore the lines with <idle>, those are just open connections to the database. If there are no other lines, then it is not a database access that is stuck. I edited my answer to make that more clear. Finding another cause is more difficult. Just try to restart the import. It shouldn't take more than a few hours overall. If you get stuck again, ask over at the IRC channel.

(26 Jun '12, 07:56) lonvia

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