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Hello all.

I very often download maps for offline usage on a handheld device (that is, an Android phone with the Oruxmaps program). I did set up a TileCache server local to my environment: the idea is to use it so to save bandwidth from the servers I get the maps from, and to get my maps faster once I downloaded the tiles of an area already (very often the maps I download do overlap to some extent, so to download the very same tiles over and over is not efficient neither for the servers nor myself).

Whilst I could successfully configure TileCache for some WMS services, though, I could not find how to use it with OpenStreetMap and OpenCycleMap in particular. Is there a "quick and dirty" way to get to the point? Thanks so much.

asked 25 Jun '12, 12:58

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It is commendable that you set up a cache to save bandwidth, however even then, the bulk downloading from OSM or OpenCycleMap is discouraged (in the case of OSM, http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tile_usage_policy) or strictly forbidden (in the case of OpenCycleMap, http://thunderforest.com/terms/). So if you need local OSM tiles for your applications, you will have to set up your own tile server. Some pointers to that are on http://switch2osm.org/.

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answered 25 Jun '12, 16:05

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Frederik Ramm ♦
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Please notice that I don't want to bulk download at all; my purpose is just to avoid to download the same tiles of an area I already fetched while preparing the maps of my previous hike. That's all. Thanks for the link though.

(25 Jun '12, 17:54) Febs

You should check with the provider of the maps you are planning to use; "fetching" tiles with anything else than a web browser for anything else than immediate viewing is pretty much the definition of "bulk downloading".

(25 Jun '12, 19:40) Frederik Ramm ♦
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