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Hi people, I am running the OpenStreetMapViewer android project and I would like to render the map without places like restaurants, markets, etc. I know that it is possible but I am not sure how to do it . Anyone can help me?? Thanks in advance

asked 24 Jun '12, 21:54

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Would it be possible to post a link to the "OpenStreetMapViewer android project" that you're running? We don't know if it's a tile viewer, a data renderer, or something else...

(24 Jun '12, 22:15) SomeoneElse ♦

sure! here I copy the link: I hope it helps you to understand.

(24 Jun '12, 22:58) gastolson

I would suspect the by far best way to handle a custom map on Android is to use mapsforge It does have the disadvantage that the map data hast to be downloaded, but that is by far outweighed by the advantages.

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answered 10 May '13, 13:16

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SimonPoole ♦
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This project seems to use existing tile servers (, cyclestreet) which are not customizable. If you have special needs, either check/contact one OSM tiles provider (list available on the wiki) or set-up your own tile server where you will be free to change styles and updates intervals.

Please search existing replies about 'how to render or customize my own map' on this help site, e.g. this one. Also check the wiki reflecting the latest info about rendering OSM data (e.g. with TileMill).

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answered 25 Jun '12, 15:19

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I have been reading about some options to customize the map. As you said, this seems to use existing tile servers. What I really need is to change, if possible, the URL server with the same Android Project to retrieve "base" tiles. Do you consider this possible? Thanks

(27 Jun '12, 23:02) gastolson

your question no longer seems to be an FAQ ... so feel invited do discuss more details at one of the OSM mailing lists (maybe about developing) or one of the forums at

(29 Jun '12, 15:45) stephan75

@gastolson Did you figure out a way to change the URL server? Please tell because I also have the same problem. I have a working Mapserver using MS4W. I can render my map tiles to webbrowser. Now I need to connect it to my Android application using OSMDROID. Thanks in advance.

(09 May '13, 12:36) Hishan

You'll need to create some tiles displaying only the information that you want, and then use those (online or more probably offline) in Osmdroid.

A quick web search found this tutorial about configuring an Osmdroid project to work with offline tiles.

The process of creating the tiles is called "rendering" and there are many, many different options. I'd start with a search for rendering questions on this help site, and also this page on the OSM wiki.

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answered 09 May '13, 14:06

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SomeoneElse ♦
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thanks @SomeoneElse for quick reply. In fact I read all the sites you have mentioned. And none of them explains how to use my MapServer implemented using MS4W. I also plan to display routes using given starting point and destination point. Can you help me with that?

(09 May '13, 15:09) Hishan

I already know how to render slippy maps. I have implemented it using MS4W. I just need to find a way to connect that map to Android when I connect using osmdroid.

(09 May '13, 15:14) Hishan

The tutorial suggests pointing MOBAC at a web site to create a zip file for use by the Osmdroid project. What goes wrong when you point MOBAC at your MS4W site? Or does that bit work and some other part of the tutorial fail?

(09 May '13, 15:24) SomeoneElse ♦

Why can't we just render the map tiles from web server without downloading and adding it to a zip file?

(09 May '13, 15:33) Hishan

The reason for downloading and storing in a zip file is so that users don't need to download the tiles over the air on demand at their mobile data tariff. If you want osmand to access a different online tile server (such as yours) that would work, but all your users would need access to your MS4W tile server all the time.

There's a bit of info in this thread:

(in fact, if you want to ask about the specifics of Osmdroid you're more likely to get correct answers there rather than here)

(09 May '13, 15:48) SomeoneElse ♦

Yes I want my app users to access the map online. Thank you for your help. But I am not using Osmand. The link you gave is a really good place to ask my questions. Thanks again.

(09 May '13, 16:08) Hishan

Bah - sorry about that - me getting confused!

I've converted the "osmand" Google Groups link to the equivalent question in an "osmdroid" one.

(09 May '13, 16:14) SomeoneElse ♦

Thank you.

(09 May '13, 18:30) Hishan
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