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I encounter some problem to create a bus stop. I saw that some people use the key'name' to describle the line and the direction. I suggest to create a key for the line as 'line' for the number of the line and another key to describe the direction like a relation 'from'='name' (= bus stop start) 'to'='name' (=bus stop arrival). I don't know if it's the correct way to send my idea so please give me the correction if it's the wrong way. Thank you. Best regards.

asked 20 Jun '12, 21:34

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I would like add to be complete that the key 'name' should be use to indicate the correct name of the the bus stop. Finaly it miss the attribut 'bus shelter' for the key 'building'= Thanks for your understanding.

(20 Jun '12, 21:48) DOM91

If you want to tag the bus routes using a bus stop, you can use the route_ref= tag. For this tag, you can list the bus numbers, separated by semi-colons, eg route_ref=5;8;28A

Though as scai and Paul say, where possible, bus routes should be mapped with relations, and the bus stops added as members. In this case, the route_ref tags on each stop are unnecessary.

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answered 21 Jun '12, 13:53

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As already mentioned by Paul, there is a route relation for buses and the wiki page also lists an example of an already mapped bus route. The name is just for the bus stop and should not be abused for anything other as you correctly pointed out.

The bus shelter you mentioned can be simply added by using the shelter=* key, as mentioned on the highway=bus_stop page. JOSM already supports it in the bus stop preset, I don't know if Potlatch does.

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answered 21 Jun '12, 05:33

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Thanks a lot for this clear explanation with the link. I will take more attention by reading carefuly wiki page.

(21 Jun '12, 08:38) DOM91

Add the stop to the relation for the bus route as a "stop" member.

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answered 20 Jun '12, 22:09

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Baloo Uriza
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