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I have a similar problem as before:

Here is a address:

195, Caroni Savannah Rd, San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago

"San Fernando" in this case, (and it appears all over Trinidad) is not correct. It simply not supposed to be there.

What can I do to make these changes?

If not, can someone do it?

Please advise.


asked 20 Jun '12, 02:12

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You can use Nominatim to search for this address. Then, click on the little grey details link of the first search result. This is Nominatim's view of this object, you can clearly see how the address is build. It also includes San Fernando as a node tagged with place=city.

San Fernando seems to be the next closest city Nominatim can find, so it assumes that Caroni Savannah Rd belongs to San Fernando. It cannot know better because there is no boundary relation for San Fernando and the other cities. You have to add such a relation with a correct admin_level tag (something between admin_level=7 and admin_level=10, the wiki page will tell you) so that Nominatim can know which place belongs to which city.

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answered 20 Jun '12, 05:42

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How and where do you change the admin levels?


(20 Jun '12, 11:10) dejaiman

First you have to find a compatible source for the boundary and then add it to OSM by creating a boundary relation using your favourite editor.

This isn't an easy task for a beginner, maybe someone will help you. You can try to contact local mappers via the mailing lists for example.

(20 Jun '12, 11:53) scai ♦

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