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I am trying to use openstreetmap to embed a map in my webpage and add markers that are searchable and customisable. Is there an openstreetmap api to achieve this. I have been trying to find it for a long time but could not.

asked 19 Jun '12, 02:18

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No. OpenStreetMap is not (and is not aiming to be) a drop-in replacement for something like Google Maps where you load one Javascript API and you get a ton of client-side and server-side features. What OpenStreetMap does is provide the data from which maps, or routing services, or geocoding services, can be built. Actually operating such services is not OSM's core mission, and neither is providing the Javascript that glues it all together. That's probably why you haven't found anything!

But don't despair, it can all be done. You will be using a Javascript library like OpenLayers or Leaflet to display the map and display markers. These libraries are powerful and will certainly allow you to display customized markers but some coding is required if you e.g. want them searchable. They are libraries, not ready-made toolboxes. There's also MapQuest's Open API ( which perhaps comes closest to what you are looking for.

You will also need a tile server - either your own, or someone else's which you have permission to use - to load the map tiles from. The actual loading and displaying is done by the aforementioned library but map tiles don't fall from the sky, somebody has to produce them for you. The tile server is available for small-scale use; has a free tile server as well.

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Thank you so much for all the information. could you point me how can i get one. I need a map of a certain place

(19 Jun '12, 14:41) frensforall

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